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Offer Manager

Offer Manager suggests and allows you to find any kind of products and services you may need or want.

It the result of our work in combing consumer and business data to deliver the best product offers to you.

The software uses the Kalypsso AI engine to determine what offers would be of interest to you.


Consumer demand – driven.
Business requirements – led.

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    What is Smart Data

    Smart Data is a big-data set we have created and maintain that is composed of business and consumer behavioral data that has been properly collected, analyzed and processed to allow businesses to deliver products and services that consumers want and need.

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    How do we make data smart

    We have developed the self-learning Kalypsso AI Engine composed of two parts. Multiple local engines embedded in our flagship product the
    Offer Manager, and the core engine that operates from our own servers.

    The local engine using a proprietory algorithm processes user input and combines it with business data to present relevent offers, whereas the core engine collects statistical data from the former and analyses it.

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    How do we collect our data

    We collect our data in real-time directly from businesses that use our platform and offer products or service via our flagship product the Offer Manager.

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    How to make your data smart

    Sign up to our platform, upload your business data and let the Kalypsso Engine do its magic. You can subscribe to always keep your data smart.

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    Get on Offer Manager

    Its free to get your products and services onto the Offer Manager.

    It's used by millions of people either via the apps, downloadable software or our API, so take advantage of this new audience today.